Greed is a dangerous motivator. Nowhere is that more clear than in Mystery at the Mansion, an interactive fiction game where your decisions can either deliver justice, or invoke your own doom. Discover the titular mansion, where rich entrepreneur Davis Martin has just been found dead of an apparent suicide. You, a famous detective, known for solving all manner of crimes, are tasked with researching his residence to find the truth of his death. Meet unique characters that provide essential knowledge into the case, while also observing the area, finding hidden details that are waiting to be explored. Be careful, as some details might seem important, but add nothing to the case as a whole. With so many details, it is hard to stay focused on what is connected, and what is unrelated. Use your wits, and root out the truth! At this mansion, there are many pieces, but the puzzle is yet to be solved...

Game Created by: Matt Danielson

AuthorMatt Danielson
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
Average sessionA few seconds

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