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   Feeling alone in the kitchen? Have nothing to do, but want to have some fun? Embrace your inner conqueror with Ballbarian!  With nothing but a simple spoon and some cups, enjoy a fast and intense game of careful precision! In this game, beat different unique challenges to test your ingenuity. Knock down cups, known as “villages”, arranged in very specific patterns to claim victory! With a limited number of attacks you can make with your weapon, and the distance from your targets becoming further and further with each challenge, strategy can determine an easy win or a devastating loss. The fewer number of attacks you make, the better off your score will be for each challenge! Although there aren’t other players participating, see if a friend can beat the challenge with less attacks! With materials this easy to find and use, there is no difficulty in setting up a challenge, anyone can do it! Set scores for others to beat, and become the ultimate Ballbarian!

Game Created by: Matt Danielson, Wilson Russell, and Francis Sapien

Install instructions

Unfortunately, this game can not provide exact supplies since they are usually found in your own home! However, everything else needed to setup the game can be found in the document attached!


Ballbarian Rules and Materials List 357 kB

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